• General dental


Avoca Street Dental is a general dental practice and as such we offer treatment options for all aspects of dentistry


  • Cosmetic dental


We offer a complete range of cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to more complex complete makeovers utilising the latest techniques.


  • Crowns/bridges


  • Veneers


  • Full mouth makeovers


  • Implants 


We offer a full range of treatment options with regard to the placement and restoration of the implants. Most implants are placed in the surgery by Dr Stergoulis with or without some form of sedation. 


There are many options  ranging from replacing a missing tooth or teeth to full mouth reconstruction. 


Many denture patients benefit from having some implants placed that help stabilise their dentures.


  • Dental emergencies (e.g. tooth ache) 

Avoca Street Dental has a practice policy that we will do everything possible to see any dental emergency on the day no matter how busy we are.


  • Teeth whitening