Sleep dentistry is a term used for dentistry performed under general anaesthesia or IV sedation.  Dr Stergoulis can arrange for all work under IV sedation and general anaesthesia to be completed in a NSW licenced and fully accredited day surgery. The most common reasons for this method of providing treatment would be:


  • Dental Phobia


These patients have a REAL fear of dental treatment, be it of the needle or the treatment itself, and the possibility of sitting in the chair is beyond them. Many of these patients have extensive dental disease mainly because they have been too scared to see a dentist. Most times it takes only one or possibly two sessions to get these patients back to dental health. Quite often after treating the initial problems, we see the patients back in the surgery for their normal 6 monthly appointments as they feel more comfortable knowing that all that work is behind them.


  • Gagging


Many patients cannot tolerate having any instruments in their mouths so being sedated or asleep is the best way to treat these patients.


  • Children’s Dental Treatment


For the very young, and the children that cannot cope with dental treatment, then a relatively short general anaesthesic allows for all the treatment to be performed.


  • Wisdom Teeth / Surgery


For some patients, being asleep to have their wisdom teeth out or for extensive or difficult extractions, is the preferred method.



Dr Stergoulis has been involved in providing dental treatment to patients under general anaesthesia or IV sedation for over 25 years. He is frequently receives referrals from other dental practices to treat patients that find dental treatment very difficult.


Dr Stergoulis is a member of the Society of Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry and completed this post graduate training (IV sedation) in England in 1987





SLEEP DENTISTRY (IV Sedation and General Anaesthesia)